Applications for the creative exam are accepted from June 20 to July 7 of the current year.
The creative exam is held from 8 to 13 July 2022.
Applicants entering educational programs requiring creative training pass creative exams at the universities of their choice.
For applicants with secondary or technical and vocational, post-secondary education, scores in the history of Kazakhstan, reading literacy (language of instruction) are taken into account, and for applicants in related areas of training of higher education personnel, providing for shortened terms of study, scores in a special discipline are taken into account.
Creative exams for applicants completing grades 11 (12) are assessed on a 45-point system, for applicants with reduced terms of study - on a 20-point system.
To pass special and (or) creative exams, you must submit the following documents to the selection committee:
1. a document on general secondary or technical and vocational, post-secondary education (original);
2. Photo 3 x 4 (6 pcs.);
3. a copy of an identity document;
4. UNT certificate (if any);
5. a copy of a document confirming the presence of one of the sports categories and (or) sports titles established by paragraph 1 of Article 35 of the Law of the 
Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 3, 2014 "On physical culture and sports" (if any).
For additional questions, please call: 8 (700) 957-00-61, 8 (700) 957-00-62, 8 (700) 957-00-68

Deadline for admission to the Academy of Physical Culture and Mass Sports